Vacations… That wonderful feeling you get when you lock the door one last time before hitting the road to go somewhere exciting… This feeling can however often be tinged with a bit of anxiety. So many things can happen to your home when you are away, even if it’s only for a few days! That’s where home automation can help you leave with peace of mind.

According to Aviva Canada, a leading insurance company, the number of burglaries goes up significantly during July and August, a period when a lot of people go on holiday. In addition, it seems like thieves’ favourite day is Friday, the day when people often leave for the week-end. How can you make sure you protect your house against this potential threat?

First, getting an alarm system that is connected to a monitoring centre can lower the risks of burglary. In addition, you might want to think about installing security cameras with motion detectors, which you can then monitor from a distance with your smart phone. A camera linked to your front door allows you to ‘answer’ when the bell rings and make it appear as if you’re home. Another system allowing you to control a few lights from a distance, and even perhaps your sound system, will help create the illusion that there is someone at home.

Unfortunately, burglary is not the only possible threat to your house when you’re away. Flooding can cause very important damages, especially if the leak isn’t discovered for many days. A flood detector will not only let you know about any possible leak, but will also close the main water valve, thus stopping the leak before it becomes too much of an issue.

These useful tricks should help you to leave home with peace of mind and enjoy your holiday. Have a good trip!