Whether it is caused by broken or frozen pipes, defective household appliances or simply by a lack of maintenance, flooding is much more common than you might think, and can cause a lot of damage.

Our versatile leak detection system detects and controls water leaks and automatically notifies you when problems are detected. Get peace of mind. At all times.


Our flood prevention system detects water leaks as soon as they happen.

Wireless leak detector sensors placed strategically in risk areas send a signal to the control unit as soon as a water leak is detected.

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Our flood protection system automatically stops water leaks.

As soon as a smart water leak detector sends a water leak alarm to the control unit, the smart valve fixed to the main water line will automatically shut-off and prevent the leak.

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Our water leak detection system notifies you immediately when there is a water leak.

As soon as there is a leak, you will be notified when the main water valve is shut-off. You can now leave your house with peace of mind.

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Our wireless water leak sensors can be installed anywhere in your house’s risk areas, whether it be near your hot water heater or your dishwasher. Because of their four close contact points and a minimal space of 0.4mm between the detector and the floor, our wireless water leak sensors can spot a puddle as small as one created by a glass of water. As soon as water touches 2 of the 4 contact points of the detector, a water leak is detected and a wireless signal is sent to the control unit. This will automatically shut-off the smart valve fixed to the main water line and prevent all leaks.

Our advanced flood protection system will detect water leaks rapidly, thus considerably reducing the damages caused by water.


Our flood protection system uses a communication system like no other. Used in more than five million installations throughout the world, it is secure and encrypted. A constant wireless signal is guaranteed by using low frequencies, thus protecting the system from any interference between the wireless water leak sensors and the control unit. The electric smart valve is connected directly to the control unit by a wire and even works during power outages.

The reliability of our system will prevent all types of water leaks. At all times.


As soon as a leak is detected, you will be notified immediately by text message or email. Because the flood prevention system knows exactly where the leak occurred, you will be able to intervene rapidly at the right place, without having to look for the origin of the leak.

Our mobile app, available in the App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android), allows you to control your main water valve from wherever you are.

Monitor your system remotely and leave your house with total peace of mind.


Frost detection
A probe integrated to the wireless water leak sensor will strengthen the surveillance of potential freeze zones in your house wherever you want. You will be notified of a risk of freezing as soon as the room temperature goes down to 5 °C (41 °F).

Low battery notification
The flood protection system will let you know as soon as the batteries are low. Lithium batteries normally have a lifespan of 10 years.

Integrated automated tests
The control unit will periodically contact the wireless water leak sensors to check they are still connected, to ensure that they are ready when needed. If ever one of the detectors doesn’t respond, you will be notified.


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